Alliance Partners Program

...when staffing is Not the answer

When it is time to build the internal team, Hegemony provides technically & culturally qualified employees, contract consultants & trainers, but our services don't stop there. Through The Technology Hedge-Alliance Partners Program 'The Tech-hedge' we also help our clients build their external teams by referring qualified advisors & IT service providers when IT Staffing is not the ideal approach. 

The Tech-Hedge empowers IT leaders to drive value to every aspect of the organization. Every Tech-Hedge alliance partner has been qualified & vetted and has a proven track record of driving extraordinary value with their service offering. 

Along with sourcing, qualifying and onboarding the prospective alliance partners, it is the responsibility of The Tech-Hedge to monitor the value and adjust the team to address the ever changing needs of the organization.  Creating the ideal mix of IT Service Providers is never easy, but with The Tech-Hedge you have a committed business partner to help you build & maintain the ideal team of valuable IT resources. 

…building extraordinary teams for over 20 years!