Technology Leaders Speakers Forum

The Hegemony Speakers Forum is an executive level communication forum which provides opportunities for thought leaders to discuss important and relevant topics. Presenters at these meetings have included CEO's, CIO's, CFO's as well as authors, educators and consultants.

Some of our past topics have included:

  • The perpetually changing role of the CIO
  • International Business Transformation...driving global business value
  • Business Transformation...driving value as an 'agent of change'
  • The Value of Diverse Leadership...driving higher performing teams, companies and cultures
  • Cyber & IT Security…Protecting the communities, companies and individuals
  • Disruptive Change & Profitability…a delicate balance.
  • The Synergy of Strategic Value-Getting your team to the 'New Tomorrow!'
  • ERP Project Management-Getting from Great to Excellent!
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation-Leveraging IT Assets
  • Social Media-Bringing Breakthrough Value to the Business
  • The CIO Success Plan-Creating Value for the Business
  • The CIO Security Plan–Keeping the Business Safe
  • Building an Innovative Team…the building blocks
  • How to find the job you really want…and get it!
  • Panel Discussion-CIO Forum on Cloud Computing Strategies
  • How to grow when the Markets Don't
  • IT Employment-Trends & Strategy
  • Building Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Building Your Power Network
  • Finding a technical Job in a down economy
  • Voice over IP Technology and Network Security
  • IT Project Management-What to expect? What to demand!

Join us for our next presentation

This is a private, 'invitation only' forum. Hegemony doesn't solicit or accept sponsorship so that we can keep these discussions confidential and valuable. We are always looking for thought leaders and participants to keynote and contribute to our discussions.  If you are interested in being a Keynote Speaker, Panelist or Participant, we want to hear from you.

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